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She hides herself

An audio poem and encouraging words for every strong woman

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Yvonne Marie, M.Ed.
Making connections between faith, art, culture, and wellness
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There is pain behind that smile

She thinks no one can see it

It comes out through her silent tears


At night

But when she’s out and about

She hides herself

Because what would "they" think if "they" knew?

Because what would "they" do?

Because if she lets go of this pain

Won't she look weak to you?

Men aren’t the only ones

With bottled-up emotions

Cause she can’t cry either

She can’t scream either

She holds it inside

And so she hides

And then

Kisses everyone good night

Lies in bed

And cries

I heard this line in a movie, "She hides herself."  And I found it to be very true of every "strong woman" that I know, myself included.  I was so moved by these words that I wrote this poem.  If you are this woman, give yourself permission to let go.  Share yourself, let somebody pray for you, and cry with you. You don't have to do it alone. 

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